How to Reach Me

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I'm willing to meet and talk with you and answer questions. Until September 21, I will be on a float, hunting trip in interior Alaska. If you have questions, please send me a text message at 907-518-0258, and I will respond when phone service is available. I would like to have your permission to post the questions and my answers on this website. I will not include your name.

I'm willing to come to town and meet. All we need to agree on is a time and place.

Thank you


© Ione Lynn

The Petersburg Borough charter (second paragraph of the Preamble) states "This charter guarantees the right of enjoyment of private property, chosen lifestyles, traditions, employment and recreational activities without unnecessarily restrictive or arbitrary laws or regulations. This Charter strives to provide maximum public participation in borough decision making."

It is a very good yard stick to check decisions against.