Bob for Mayor

© Ione Lynn

My beliefs and aims:

  • work together toward common goals

  • listen to all

  • plan for the future

  • work to get young people involved

  • study proposals to be sure they are sound and necessary

  • be willing to change

  • facilitate public debate on issues

  • represent all residents of the borough

  • meet with any resident(s) who wants to talk about an issue or idea

  • keep spending within means

  • support Assembly decisions with state and federal delegations

See media mentions of my campaign at this link.

Duties of the Mayor

(Section 2.05 Petersburg Borough Charter)

The Mayor...

... shall preside at meetings of the assembly and have the authority to preserve order and enforce rules of the assembly.

... shall be recognized as head of the borough government for all ceremonial purposes.

... has no administrative duties

... with majority vote of the assembly shall appoint committee, board and commission members which are not elected.

.... shall be counted for quorum purposes and shall vote in the same manner with the same restrictions as an assembly member.

... shall not initiate a motion.

... has no veto power.

"To me governing is communicating. That facilitates the whole job because I can listen, I can hear what people have to say." Vincente Fox